CSW Client Installation

To install the USGIN CSW Client, take the following steps:

  1. In a web browser of your choice, navigate to the following web location:
  2. Download the 2nd version of the CSW Client application archive (CswClient_v2.rar)
  3. Using a software application of your choice, extract the contents of the .rar archive.
    Though Windows 7 lacks native support for .rar archives, the application 7-Zip is fully capable of extracting .rar archive content; additionally, 7-Zip is versatile, lightweight, and free-and-open-source. 7-Zip can be downloaded from the following web location:
  4. Open the CswClient_v2.esriAddIn file you extracted from the archive
  5. A dialogue box will appear (Figure 2); click Install Add-In

The ESRI Add-In Installation Utility

Figure 2: The ESRI Add-In Installation Utility

A dialogue box should appear indicating successful installation.

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