NGDS Content Model Tutorial

If you wish to submit data to the Department of Energy (DOE) National Geothermal Data System (a subset of which is the AASG Geothermal Data project), then the schemas provided by NGDS content models should be used structure your data for delivery. This tutorial will describe the usage of NGDS content models.

Content models represent one method by which the National Geothermal Data System facilitates interoperability. Content models provide a schema, or structure, for submitted data. Schemas dictate where and how data should be entered. Content models use templates to make it easy for data providers to submit their data in accordance with schemas.

Note: Though the terms content model and template are often used interchangeably in NGDS and USGIN documentation, a subtle distinction exists. NGDS content models are described in Excel workbooks containing multiple spreadsheets, one of which is the template spreadsheet that facilitates schema mapping. In some cases these Excel workbooks (the content models) are referred to as 'template files'; bear in mind that the template is only one spreadsheet in the workbook.

Continue the tutorial by clicking the links below. Alternatively, for more information about content models, schemas, and interoperability, go to the the end of this tutorial.

A YouTube video containing an abbreviated version of this tutorial is available here, at the NGDS YouTube channel.