Using the CSW Client

To access the USGIN CSW Client in ArcMap, open ArcMap and either create a new map or open a map of your choice; click the button you added to the ArcMap toolbar in the previous step of this tutorial. The CSW Client window (Figure 4) will appear.

Figure 4: The CSW Client window

To use the CSW Client interface to load web services as layers within your ArcMap document, take the following steps:

  1. Using the dropdown menu at the top of the CSW Client window, select the catalog service you wish to query. Query results are restricted to web services registered with a given catalog service.
  2. Enter search terms into the field to the left of the Search button.
  3. Use the dropdown menu to the left of the Search field to indicate whether or not you wish to restrict your search to the Title or Abstract fields within all queried metadata records (if you do not wish to restrict your search in this way, specify AnyText in the dropdown menu)
  4. Use the check boxes to further restrict your search:
    • The WMS checkbox restricts your search to web map services
    • The Live data checkbox restricts your search to active web services, as opposed to static documents within an associated repository
    • The Use current extent checkbox restricts your search to results within the current map extent, as indicated by the active ArcMap window
  5. Click Search; results will appear as a list of records within the CSW Client window
  6. Select the desired result by clicking it in the CSW Client window; note that an abstract summarizing your selection will appear in the Abstract box.
    Note: Click the Metadata button to see a complete ISO 19139-compliant XML metadata record describing the select selected web service
  7. Click the Add button to add the web service as a layer to your ArcMap document

The selected web service should appear as a layer within your ArcMap document.

This concludes the USGIN CSW Client tutorial.