Entering Data into Content Models

To enter data, click the Template spreadsheet and copy your records into the spreadsheet, field by field.

For example, assume that you have information about eight well boreholes. Your information includes the following:

  • An API number for each borehole
  • The owner and operator of the well associated with each borehole
  • The latitude/longitude coordinates for the well associated with each borehole

Data should then be entered into the corresponding column in the Template spreadsheet (Table 2). Data regarding individual fields can be found on the Field List tab.

APINo Operator Mineral Owner LeaseName LatDegree LongDegree
02-021-05000 Nichols, Hugh E. State State 33.33789906 -111.5474776
02-005-05019 Sinclair Oil & Gas Santa Fe Pacific RR Santa Fe 35.76820705 -112.3573439
02-001-05335 Kerr-McGee Hortenstine-Macie Macie Fee 35.08278252 -109.5836642
02-003-05038 Allen, Elmer R. W. J. Davis Davis 31.57815012 -109.7510095
02-017-05065 Texaco-Skelly-Sinclair Navajo Navajo 36.98885669 -110.3807293
02-021-05005 Western Oil Fields Federal Federal 32.94538466 -111.3689436
02-027-05011 Stewart, M. P. Federal Federal 32.52173669 -114.6501276
02-001-05198 Shell Oil Navajo Navajo 36.98311134 -109.2666708

Table 2: Sample entries from an existing template spreadsheet

It should be noted that your data may not correspond with the fields in a given content model on a one-for-one basis; if so, then a degree of schema mapping is required in order to transpose your data into the content model. See Step 2 of the data provider workflow for more information.

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